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Social Marketing

Have you heard about the power of Social Marketing but still not sure how it can help your business? The Harpeth Group specializes in working with companies to incorporate Social Marketing into their business. 

The Harpeth Group will meet with you to identify your companies business objectives. From there, we'll build a custom marketing solution to meet your objectives and reach your goals.

It's time to start leveraging Social Marketing for your company. Let's start with the obvious and compelling numbers: More than half of the U.S. adult population is actively using social media Web sites, according to a Travelers Enterprise market research study. And, according to Facebook statistics, among the next generation of luxury consumers--Generation Y--96% are using social media. Twenty-seven percent of these folks also claim that their purchase decisions are influenced by information gleaned from these sites, according to a recent study by Hill & Knowlton.

If you don't jump into Social Marketing now, you risk losing your customers to competitors that are using Social marketing. The Harpeth Group can provide everything from Social Marketing consultation to full blown Social Marketing content management. We build custom solutions that work for you. 

Deciding to embark on a social media strategy isn't just as simple as setting up a Facebook account. Without proper setup, integrated strategy, and commitment you risk losing customers before you start. 

Contact The Harpeth Group today to learn more about how Social Marketing can help reach your goals.

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