Email Marketing

With help from The Harpeth Group, email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. We make it easy, affordable, direct, actionable and highly effective. According to surveys, customers and prospects would prefer to hear from you via email than any other way. When you add email to your marketing mix, you spend less time, money and resources than with traditional marketing vehicles (for example, direct mail or print advertising). Your time-sensitive information is sent in minutes, not days or weeks, and you can see the results of your efforts instantly.

Drive Customers to Take Action

Email marketing enables you to proactively communicate with existing prospects and customers instead of passively waiting for them to return to your website, visit your store or office, or call you on the phone.

Communicate Easily with Customers

Email marketing allows you to communicate more information, more often. Your communications can include newsletters, preferred customer promotions, sale notifications, new service announcements, event invitations, greetings and much, much more. Communicating via email is an affordable way to stretch a tight marketing budget. With a better response rate than direct mail, email marketing is the most effective way to increase your visibility and ultimately drive sales.

Educate Customers

With a well-planned-out email campaign, you can educate your customers. Information that educates will make your customers and prospects more likely to buy because they can make an informed decision. Furthermore, with proactive education, you position your company as the leader in the field, resulting in higher sales rates. Your email communications can gently lead a prospect through the sales process, provide important data, and drive the prospect to your website for more details and/or a purchase.

Build Relationships with Customers

Email is also an easy and inexpensive way of establishing early and long-lasting relationships with your prospects and customers. When you inform and educate prospects and customers, they perceive you as capable of addressing their needs. Even better, they may look to you as an expert. This develops trust and opens the door to two-way communication, allowing customers to share their pain points so that you can better serve their ongoing needs. As an added benefit, in the process, you may discover hidden sales opportunities that you may not already be addressing.

One Stop Shop

The Harpeth Group is a one stop email marketing shop. We take care of the heavy lifting, allowing you to do what you do best--promote your own business, product or service. Our email marketing service delivers your emails with proper protocols, develops relationships with ISPs and has a full-time staff devoted to ensuring the highest deliverability rates for your email. Finally, our email marketing service is CAN-SPAM compliant and offers a complete solution including list management and full reporting.

Email marketing offers small businesses an opportunity to reach out to customers and prospects, and increase customer retention in ways that were simply not possible just a few short years ago. It's a big pond. And while you may not be a big fish, email marketing with The Harpeth Group can make you look--and swim--like one.

The Harpeth Group makes it easy and affordable to connect with your prospects and customers. Use the form on the right to contact us today and learn how The Harpeth Group can help you..

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